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Event Series Intelligence: Esper & NEsper

How To Contribute

The team is constantly working on software and documentation. Please contact the team through the user or developer mailing lists to avoid duplicate efforts. The developer mailing list is dev@esper.codehaus.org.

The JIRA site is used for issue tracking.


If you have any suggestions or find problems in the documentation, that feedback is also most welcome.


Esper is looking to expand it's base of good examples. If you have a great example you would like to see implemented in Esper, contact the dev team please.

Feature Requests

We track feature requests through JIRA as well. Requests can also be mailed to the developer or user mailing list.

Bug Reports and Bug Fixes

These are also tracked through JIRA as above.

New Code

Become an Esper/NEsper developer by signing up via New Hausmates.