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Event Series Intelligence: Esper & NEsper

Performance-Related Information

Performance key figures

Esper exceeds over 500 000 event/s on a dual CPU 2GHz Intel based hardware, with engine latency below 3 microseconds average (below 10us with more than 99% predictability) on a VWAP benchmark with 1000 statements registered in the system - this tops at 70 Mbit/s at 85% CPU usage. Esper also demonstrates linear scalability from 100 000 to 500 000 event/s on this hardware, with consistent results accross different statements.

The Esper Benchmark kit

We have put a small benchmark kit together to enable you to measure and tune Esper performance in your environment, and for the purpose of comparing Esper performance to the performance of other CEP/ESP solutions.

The benchmark kit is described in detail in the documentation in the chapter on performance.

We are collecting platform-specific data obtained by the benchmark kit on our Esper Performance Wiki page.

Performance tuning tips

We are providing performance tuning tips in the chapter on performance in the documentation.

If you have suggestions, or want to disuss performance of statements, please use the user mailing list for discussions.