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Event Series Intelligence: Esper & NEsper

Download Esper

Esper is distributed in several packaged formats for your convenience.

Download Checksum Signature License
Esper 5.1.0 (tar.gz) esper-5.1.0.tar.gz esper-5.1.0.tar.gz.md5 esper-5.1.0.tar.gz.asc GNU GPL (GPL v2)
Esper 5.1.0 (zip) esper-5.1.0.zip esper-5.1.0.zip.md5 esper-5.1.0.zip.asc GNU GPL (GPL v2)

Maven Repository Information

Each release gets published to the Codehaus Maven repository which synchronizes in time with other repositories. Use the following dependency in your Maven POM:

                <version> ... </version>

Bug Fix Service Packs

Please navigate to JIRA and select Resolved on the right hand side to see resolved issues for the current release. When service packs are issued they are cumulative and can be downloaded from here.

Previous Releases

Earlier versions of Esper can be downloaded from here.

Source Code Access

The source code for the Esper project is available through anonymous Subversion and can also be downloaded from here.