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Esper API


Core API
com.espertech.esper.client This package and its sub-packages defines the central Esper Client APIs.
com.espertech.esper.client.annotation This package defines the Esper EPL annotations, which prefix EPL statements for the purpose of adding statement information.
com.espertech.esper.client.context Context partition selection and descriptors.
com.espertech.esper.client.dataflow Client API for data flows.
com.espertech.esper.client.deploy Module and deployment administrative service.
com.espertech.esper.client.hook Callback interfaces for use with statement annotations.
com.espertech.esper.client.metric This package defines the Esper Client APIs for metrics reporting, and consists of the metrics reporting events (enable via configuration).
com.espertech.esper.client.scopetest Test framework classes.
com.espertech.esper.client.soda This package defines the Esper statement object model.
com.espertech.esper.client.time This package defines the Esper Client timer control events.
com.espertech.esper.client.util This package contains utilities for events, specifically rendering of events in JSON and XML formats.
com.espertech.esper.plugin APIs for plug-in adapter (for input-output) and plug-in event representation (event types and event objects) are in this package.


Other Packages
com.espertech.esper.adapter Adapter shared classes.
com.espertech.esper.antlr ANTLR utility classes around parsing and AST tree walking.
com.espertech.esper.collection Internal collection classes
com.espertech.esper.collection.apachecommons Apache commons collection classes such as for soft-reference map implementation
com.espertech.esper.core.context.activator Activation of streams for statement start.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.factory Statement agent instance factories.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.mgr Context management.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.schedule Agent instance schedule directory.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.stmt Registries for context partitions to handle aggregations, prev/prior and subselects.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.subselect Subselect implementation.
com.espertech.esper.core.context.util Context partition utility or reference classes.
com.espertech.esper.core.deploy Module and deployment utility and parser.
com.espertech.esper.core.service Implementation of client package interfaces, glue code
com.espertech.esper.core.start Classes related to start and stop of statements
com.espertech.esper.core.thread This package contains classes to advanced threading options.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.annotations Data flow annotations.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.core Data flow core classes.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.interfaces Data flow operator and related interface.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.ops Data flow built-in operators.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.ops.epl Data flow built-in operator's helper classes.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.runnables Data flow runnables.
com.espertech.esper.dataflow.util Data flow utility classes such as internal model, matching and planning.
com.espertech.esper.dispatch Dispatching makes results available to joins and handles internal event routing
com.espertech.esper.epl.agg.access Data window access aggregation methods
com.espertech.esper.epl.agg.aggregator Aggregation function implementations.
com.espertech.esper.epl.agg.service Aggregation services.
com.espertech.esper.epl.annotation Classes for EPL annotation processing.
com.espertech.esper.epl.core Contains EPL statement specification classes define the constructs that make up an EPL statement, such as the list of items in the select clause, the insert-into stream name and property names etc.
com.espertech.esper.epl.core.eval Select expression evaluators.
com.espertech.esper.epl.datetime.calop Date-Time calendar operations.
com.espertech.esper.epl.datetime.eval Date-Time methods and related utility classes.
com.espertech.esper.epl.datetime.interval Interval algebra.
com.espertech.esper.epl.datetime.reformatop Date-Time re-formatting operations.
com.espertech.esper.epl.db Database SQL polling views and caches
com.espertech.esper.epl.declexpr Declared expression handling. Enumeration method utility classes and input data sources.
com.espertech.esper.epl.enummethod.eval Enumeration method implementations.
com.espertech.esper.epl.expression This package contains the EPL expression nodes that represent all expressions such as used in select clauses, group-by and having clauses, or order-by clauses
com.espertech.esper.epl.generated ANTLR-generated classes for parsing and AST tree-walking
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.assemble Outer join result set assembly code
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.base Join process interfaces and glue code
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.exec.base Inner join execution
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.exec.composite Composite query execution for hash+btree combined lookup.
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.exec.sorted Btree lookup for query execution.
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.plan Inner join and outer join query planning
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.pollindex Poll result indexing strategies.
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.rep Outer join result set handling
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.table Indexes for views
com.espertech.esper.epl.join.util Join-related utilities
com.espertech.esper.epl.lookup Subquery execution strategies and lookup indexes
com.espertech.esper.epl.methodbase Dot-method validation for enumeration and date-time methods.
com.espertech.esper.epl.metric Services for metrics reporting, including global flag, repositories and threading.
com.espertech.esper.epl.named Named window classes are in this package
com.espertech.esper.epl.parse Parsers and AST tree walkers and helper classes transforming AST into business objects Classes for handling events-within-events.
com.espertech.esper.epl.script Script expression evaluation.
com.espertech.esper.epl.script.jsr223 JSR-223 script expression evaluation.
com.espertech.esper.epl.script.mvel MVEL script expression evaluation.
com.espertech.esper.epl.spec Contains EPL statement specification classes define the constructs that make up an EPL statement, such as the list of items in the select clause, the insert-into stream name and property names etc.
com.espertech.esper.epl.spec.util Statement spec utilities
com.espertech.esper.epl.subquery Subquery helper classes are found here.
com.espertech.esper.epl.variable Variable service and variable collections
com.espertech.esper.epl.view Internal processing views for output rate limiting, filtering and internal event routing
com.espertech.esper.epl.virtualdw Virtual data window.
com.espertech.esper.event This package defines the internal event APIs.
com.espertech.esper.event.arr Object-array event type.
com.espertech.esper.event.bean JavaBean and legacy Java underlying event classes are here. Map-underlying event classes are here. Parsers and business objects to handle nested, indexed, mapped or generally complex properties for use in JavaBean access
com.espertech.esper.event.util Utilities around event rendering are here.
com.espertech.esper.event.vaevent Value added events are revision events and variant events.
com.espertech.esper.event.xml XML event wrappers
com.espertech.esper.filter Main switchboard filtering and routing of incoming events to interested statements is performed in this package.
com.espertech.esper.pattern Pattern expression tree and pattern state objects, the later resembles pattern expression state for each active pattern instance
com.espertech.esper.pattern.guard Pattern guards that can define the lifetime of a pattern Pattern observer classes the observe timer events
com.espertech.esper.pattern.pool Pattern subexpression pool management
com.espertech.esper.rowregex Match-recognize expression tree and state objects.
com.espertech.esper.schedule Package for timer callback scheduling
com.espertech.esper.timer Supplies internal clocking triggering execution of schedule callbacks in a scheduling service
com.espertech.esper.type Internal primitive, enum and other type representations
com.espertech.esper.util Utility classes that center around Java type handling, printing, reflection, debugging
com.espertech.esper.view View infrastructure concerned with view creation and destroy, cloning and hooking views trees into filtering.
com.espertech.esper.view.ext Extension views that providing services such as sorting, which don't fit much into other categories.
com.espertech.esper.view.internal Internal management views for buffering view results and providing these to joins.
com.espertech.esper.view.stat Views computing statistical values.
com.espertech.esper.view.std Base service views that perform typical SQL-like functions such as unique, grouping, size, last etc. View to event stream relationship service
com.espertech.esper.view.window Window views are in this package


Esper API

This documentation concentrates upon the following Core API interfaces:
  • com.espertech.esper.client
  • com.espertech.esper.client.annotation
  • com.espertech.esper.client.context
  • com.espertech.esper.client.dataflow
  • com.espertech.esper.client.deploy
  • com.espertech.esper.client.hook
  • com.espertech.esper.client.metric
  • com.espertech.esper.client.soda
  • com.espertech.esper.client.scopetest
  • com.espertech.esper.client.time
  • com.espertech.esper.client.util

  • The classes and interfaces in the above packages are fully intended to be exposed to application code.

    The Extension API is intended to be used by application programmers to extend Esper functionality. None of these interfaces are intended to be called by the application - they are called internally by Esper. This API is less stable than the Core API. The safest way to extend functionality is to contribute extensions back to the project; that way extensions will be updated when the Extension API changes.

    Full Esper documentation may be found at

    See Also:
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